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  Part Number Special Page(s) Category Description Price
10999.0148.1 Flue Assy Biasi Standard Horizontal £62.30
BG1011103 Obsolete in Stock Diaphragm Biasi £14.28
BG1013108 Obsolete in Stock Gas Valve Biasi £148.40
BG1015108 Obsolete in Stock PCB Biasi Prisma 24S £123.61
BG1015109 379088 Delivered next working day Neon Biasi £4.99
BI1001101 Heat Exch DHW Biasi Prisma £49.95
BI1001102 Heat Exch DHW Biasi £59.95
BI1001112 PRV Biasi £4.90
BI1001112 Available next working day PRV Biasi £12.72
BI1001117 Thermisters Thermister Biasi Prisma £3.60
BI1001120 Water Pressure Switch Biasi Savio Gaia £14.07
BI1002110 Exp Vessel Biasi Prisma £56.58
BI1004101 Available next working day Nut Biasi 1/2" £1.00
BI1011102 Diaphragm Biasi DHW - Prisma £5.55
BI1011103 Diaphragm Biasi C/H £5.00
BI1011116 Delivered next working day Bush Biasi £3.00
BI1011119 E23638 Delivered next working day DHW Manifold Biasi £90.00
BI1011502 GCN E00681 Delivered next working day Microswitch Holder Biasi £12.00
BI1011503 Diverter Valve Biasi £99.90
BI1011504 Actuator Biasi 24S,28S,Prisma £39.62
BI1011505 Microswitch Biasi >MSW0040> £6.90
BI1013102 Electrode Detection Biasi Prisma £6.64
BI1013102 Delivered next working day Electrode Biasi £8.00
BI1013104 Delivered next working day Electrode Biasi £8.00
BI1013108 Gas Valve Biasi Prisma 24SE £55.90
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